Listeria And Raw Milk  

Listeria occurs due to the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in the soil and water. These bacteria have the ability to spread into the vegetables which have been grown in soils that have been fertilized with manure infected with these bacteria. Animals without showing any indications of being infected can also be the carrier of these bacteria and can contaminate animal foods like dairy products and meat.

The prime indications of listeria infections are fever, soreness of neck accompanied with nausea and diarrhea. In its severe form it can result into encephalitis and meningitis. It affects people whose immune system is not powerful. Hence, newborn babies, pregnant women, elderly people who have diabetes, cancer or have under gone organ transplantation are vulnerable to this type of infection. People of this category are advised to follow certain precautionary measures to avoid occurrence of this infection.

Listeia and raw milk has been found to coexist. Unpasteurized or raw milk and the products made out of that may find traces of the Listeria monocytogenes bacterium. Pasteurization can destroy the bacteria. Therefore, it is always recommended that one should not consume raw milk any form. One must always avoid soft cheese like feta, camembert, brie and blue- veined cheese. All types of Mexican cheese, for example Panela, Queso fresco and Queso blanco, must be checked for the labels that whether they have been pasteurized. Sometimes even processed food like hot dogs, cold cuts served at deli outlets can be infected with these types of bacteria.

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Listeria And Raw Milk




Prevention-Of-Listeria-Monocytogenes      Listeria Monocytogenes causes an infectious disease called as Listeria. It has become a health issue lately in the Unites Sates. It is more often in people whose immune system is weak. Those who consume contaminated food or raw unpasteurized milk or its product are most likely to get infected with this type of bacterium. More..




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Listeria And Raw Milk )
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