What Is Shigellosis ?  

Shigellosis is an infectious disease caused due to the bacterium known as Shigella. It affects the inner lining of the intestine and results in abdomen tenderness, ulcers on the walls of intestine, diarrhea with mucus and blood in the stool, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort due to severe cramps, sudden outbreak of high fever and dehydration.

These bacteria have the tendency of contaminating the food and water supply which are in filthy sanitation state. These bacteria can multiply very fast and even a small number approximately 10 are enough to infect a whole human body. These are present in the human stool and cane be transmitted via these if the hands are not washed dafter going to toilet. They spread very quickly in schools, public toilets, child day care centers, nursing homes, and also within families which have poor sanitary habits.

People who are infected and are carriers of this disease must learn to stay away from food preparations like cooking or chopping. An infected person has 100 percent chances of spreading it to a healthy person through food and other means. Sometimes an infected person may not show any symptoms and yet might be a carrier of these bacteria. So, if you have been infected, you must get laboratory tests done to confirm that the traces of these bacteria have been completely eliminated.

An outbreak of Shigellosis is more common in countries that are not completely developed and lack a good sanitation and water purifying systems. These are also seen n places that are overcrowded with people especially refugee camps and other public institutions. This infection can be confirmed with the help of certain laboratory tests and treatment included administration of antibiotics and doctors generally advice foe intake of lots of fluids to make up the dehydration.

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What Is Shigellosis




Diagnosis-Of-Shigellosis      Shigellosis is a kind of bacterial infection that affects the inner lining of the human intestine. Traces of Shigellosis bacteria can be found out in the stools of infected person. Even a small amount of this type of bacteria can cause enough damage. These bacteria are generally transmitted from person to person due to use of contaminated food, water and poor hygiene environment. More..




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