Dipping Sauce For French Fries Recipe  

French fries are basically slices of potatoes, which are fried and sprinkled with salt before serving. This is served alone or with a variety of dips. Potatoes which are deep fried in any form are called French fries in the US. But in other countries, such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, only thin and long pieces of potatoes, which are deep fried, are called so. Thin slices of potatoes which are deep fried are referred to as chips. French fries can be served with a variety of dips, but perhaps the most popular dip sauce for French fries is the fry sauce.

The main ingredients of French fries are potatoes, salt and oil. Also known as frites, this is known to be originally a Belgian culinary. There are many versions of how this became popular with its present name. Some believed that the peasants in the Meuse Valley, which is present day Belgium, hunted and fried small fish. When the river froze, they substituted fish with potato slices cut in thin and long pieces. Contradictions arose since the timing of arrival of potatoes in this region was much later and the peasants could not have afforded so much fat for frying.

The other belief is that the American soldiers were served this in Belgium by the army in World War I. Since the Belgian army spoke French, the potatoes they served got to be called French fries.

In most parts of America, this is served with fry sauce. In most European countries, it is still served with mayonnaise or vinegar.

The simplest sauce can be made by mixing ketchup and mayonnaise together for that tangy dip.

The basic sauce can be altered using seasonings for variation in taste to suit a person’s palate. You can add onion or garlic salt in the fry sauce. Some people prefer to add a dash of lime or pickle relish as well. Fresh garlic when added can bring a strong flavor while chopped onions add a tangy crunch to the dip. For a hotter taste, you can add some cayenne pepper. While serving with burgers or hotdogs, one can add barbeque sauce to the fry sauce for the smoky taste. Vinegars, like the balsamic or red wine, can be used as well. Tabasco sauce can be added to the fry sauce for a hot and spicy dip. You can also add mustard that has been ground in a mortar and pestle. This gives a different and unique taste and texture to the dip.

A person can innovate to make ever so many variations using different seasonings. The sauce can become so addictive that French fries will only be a reason to take a dip in one’s favorite sauce.

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Dipping Sauce For French Fries Recipe


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