How To Make French Fries ?  

Homemade French fries taste not only better than the ones you pick up from the frozen section in Super markets but is easier on your pocket too. You can prepare these wonderful French fries yourself at home by simple deep frying or by baking. The secret of making French fries crispy is to double fry the thinly cut potato slices for a minute or so and re-fry them for a few minutes just before you serve them.

Baking keeps off the unwanted calories and allows you to try a wider range of seasonings. To make this, start by mixing olive oil and your seasonings of choice. Coat the slices of potato fully with this mix, lay out the pieces on a paper and keep them inside the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit to bake for about forty-five minutes.

Alternately, if you would like to serve up deep fried French fries, start by mixing water and sugar. Place thin strips of potato in this mix for twenty minutes. Carefully remove the slices and use paper napkins or towels to dry them. Start up the deep fryer raising the temperature of the oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the slices of potato in the fryer and fry them for about five to seven minutes. If you would like the fries to be crispier, fry them for longer. Remove the slices from the fryer and dry them with towels to take out the extra oil. Dust salt over the fries and they are ready to serve.

Always use fresh oil to make French fries. Not only is this healthier but oil used for making other dishes can also change the flavor of the fries. Remove extra oil from the fries by placing them on paper napkins or kitchen towels.

Make sure you keep a few things in mind while making French fries. Be very careful when frying, as the oil may pop. In case the oil catches fire, throw a wet towel over the fire. Do not try to put out a fire caused by oil with water because it can explode.

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