Mcdonalds French Fries Nutrition Facts  

McDonalds French fries are so popular that kids, teens and adult love to consume it. After all, if you are an American, you cannot claim not to have eaten McDonalds fries and burgers, at least once in your life time. However, all people know that eating too many fried things are unhealthy and do no good to your cholesterol level. The same is also true for McDonalds French fries. Hence, knowing the nutrition facts of McDonalds French fries will help a lot of people make the right food choices when ordering.


For a medium pack, the total fat constitutes 19 g, saturated fats totals to 2.7 g, cholesterol 0 mg, sodium 266 mg, carbohydrates 47.9 g, fibers amounts to 4.6 g, proteins 4.6 g, calcium 15.2 mg and no sugar or potassium.  The total caloric value of one such pack is 380.

This food item is unsuitable for those having obesity. In order to satisfy the craving for fries, one can do without the sandwiches, burger or aerated drink and limit the meal to only the fries.

As you can see from the McDonalds French fries nutrition facts, these fries contain a lot of salt, fat and carbohydrates. This is the reason they can add a lot of calories to your meal. If you are unable to burn those calories, they will get translated to fat and result in obesity. While McDonalds is trying to make their meals, including French fries, healthier after facing a lot of criticism from parents and health groups, not much can be done about a dish that is fried and served with salt.

At least the good news is that the chain no longer makes use of beef tallow to fry the fries, as was the case earlier. It was in the year 2000 that McDonalds decided to use vegetable oil to fry the fries with the hope that it will be a healthier side dish for people coming to their outlets. Nonetheless, this dish is still unhealthy and packs a lot of weight if it is not clubbed with the right food. If you want to eat French fries at McDonalds, it is best to eat with a low calorie dish, such as a salad. However, even after eating this high calorie dish, you should be looking to burn off those excess calories by doing some form of physical exercise, such as cycling or aerobics. This will ensure that you do not put on weight or become obese.

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Mcdonalds French Fries Nutrition Facts


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