What Are Mcdonalds French Fries Made Of ?  

French fries are basically slices of potatoes which are fried and then sprinkled with salt before being served. These potato slices can be served on their own or along with a dip. One of the most popular places for having French fries is at a McDonalds outlet. After all, we should give credit to this chain of fast food for making French fries synonymous with America.


In the earlier days, McDonalds used to make French fries from fresh potatoes by peeling and cutting every day. By the mid 60s, the chain expanded and spread all over America. In order to maintain the uniformity in taste in all their outlets, McDonalds switched over to frozen fries by 1966. The demand and the need for good quality made the process of packaging French fries into a highly specialized industry in America. The chain of manufacturers for McDonalds peel, slice and cook approximately 2 million pounds of potatoes before freezing them every day.

This chain of French fries has changed the way Americans eat. A study in 1960 revealed that Americans consumed approximately 81 pounds of fresh potatoes and 4 pounds of frozen French fries. While in 2000, the study revealed that the figures had changed and the fresh potatoes figured at 50 pounds, while frozen fries figured at 30 pounds. No wonder then, McDonald is the biggest purchaser of potatoes in America.

The taste of French fries is what keeps the flag of McDonald flying high. The taste is not by the type of potatoes used, the processing technology or the equipment used for frying. The cooking oil used is distinctive which gives the signature taste to the fries as well. McDonalds uses 93 percent beef tallow mixed with 7 percent cottonseed oil is used. Later in 1990, when the chain was criticized about the levels of cholesterol in the fries, they switched over to vegetable oils. The challenge of maintaining the taste without the beef tallow was solved using natural flavor. This brought out the required taste as well.

The usage of beef extract for flavor was criticized first in Seattle since it hurt sentimental beliefs of many customers. So, McDonalds now adds a natural flavor to its French fries, so that they have the lingering taste of beef without the fries actually being cooked in beef tallow. Perhaps that would explain the secret behind that success of McDonalds French fries in the US. Or perhaps, the chain uses a secret ingredient that consumers are unaware of.

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