Who Invented French Fries ?  

Who does not enjoy chomping at the long, thinly sliced strips of deep potato fries often known as French fries, chips or simply just fries? French fries are very popular in the fast food outlets and are easy to prepare. However, there is no historical data available to learn where the French fries were first invented or by whom, though there are countries in the world, like Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and few more, which claim that this dish originates from there.


Jo Gerard, the historian from Belgium says that in Belgium French fries were cooked even around 1680. People living in Namur, especially the poor peasants and residents, fished in Meuse River. The small fish that they caught were usually fried and consumed for dinner. In winters, fishing became difficult as the river froze and so the fried fish was replaced with finely chopped potatoes lightly fried till golden brown in little butter or oil.
It is also said that during the First World War, when the British and American soldiers came into Belgium, they tasted the French fries for the first time. As French was the official dialect of the Belgium army, the term “French” got added to the potato fries dish. Thus, backing the concept that French fries were invented in Belgium.

In France, the potato fries are known by several names, such as frites, pommes frites and pommes de terres frites. In 1755, a cookery book by Menon entitled Les Soupers de la Coeur was printed that had many different recipes of how and what to cook from fried potatoes. Another Frenchman well-known in France for promoting eating of potatoes is Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, but fried potato was not particularly stated separately.

Some give recognition and glory to Spain for coming up with a culinary specialty like fried potatoes. The New World settlements have records that state that Spain is the first country in Europe to introduce fried potatoes as the staple dish to go together with fish dishes. This as a custom began in Galicia and gradually spread from Spain to Spanish Netherlands and eventually after about hundred years to Belgium also.

There are slight variants in the lengths and sizes of the French fries prepared in different countries, so it is best not to debate on who originally created this dish and give the credit to all the counties that contributed to this delicious delicacy.

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