Desserts With Oreo Cookies  

Oreo is one of the most delicious cookies and kids love them. According to Nabisco, the manufacturer of Oreo cookies, with these cookies you can make more than fifty types of desserts. The most popular way of having these cookies is to dip them in warm milk and have a bite. However, restaurants use Oreo cookies to make various kinds of desserts. Most of the recipes are so simple that they hardly take any time to prepare. The ingredients required are simple and can be found in our own kitchen.


Oreo Dirt Cake
You will need a packaged cake mix and most of the recipes suggest that you use it. One of the easiest recipes for baking a delicious Oreo cookie cake is, get a packaged cake mix. Spread half the batter on the pan. Follow the instructions on the cake mix package to make the batter. Crush the Oreo cookies and layer it on top of the batter. Use the rest of the batter to layer it on the top. After the cake is baked you can glaze it with sugar and milk or just leave it like that. This recipe is called the Oreo dirt cake and is one of the most favorite desserts for children. You can get creative by using sprinkles or chocolate or even mint chips on the top. You can also use the same method with cream cheese and make an Oreo cream cheese cake. Oreo cookies make a fine crust for cheese cakes.

Oreo Cookie Crust
If we have to use a cookie crust while baking pies, graham cracker is the most popular choice for most of us. However, you can also substitute the crackers with Oreo cookies. Powder the cookies and sprinkle on the pie and it makes a fine and crispy crust.

Ice Cream Topping
People, who love ice creams, can try sprinkling powdered Oreo cookies on top of vanilla ice cream. also has recipes to make Oreo ice cream pie. They are simple and easy to assemble. This recipe also includes a whipped topping and hot fudge sauce. They also suggest that you can use crushed Oreo’s for making the crust of a torte. You can also use peanut butter along with these cookies as a variation.

Crushed Oreos are also used as one of the ingredients when making different types of candies. You can make truffles with Oreo’s and candies. The same truffle can be had with your favorite ice cream.

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History Notes On Oreo Cookies      National Biscuit Company, which now goes by the name of Nabisco, was responsible for introducing Oreo cookies to the American population. This cookie was introduced in the market on 6 March 1912 and would go on to become the most popular biscuit of the company. More..




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