History Notes On Oreo Cookies  

National Biscuit Company, which now goes by the name of Nabisco, was responsible for introducing Oreo cookies to the American population. This cookie was introduced in the market on 6 March 1912 and would go on to become the most popular biscuit of the company.


However, if you look at the history notes on Oreo cookies, you will realize that this was not the only cookie introduced in the market. Along with Oreo, Nabisco also introduced Mother Goose cookies and Veronese cookies. However, the Oreo cookies that edged out the other two and ruled the roost.

Many people wonder how the company came about the name for the cookies. While there is not too much information available on the origin of the name, it is believed that it comes from the Greek word, oreo, which translates to mountain or hill. While Nabisco was developing the cookie, it used to have a mound-like appearance and hence, it is claimed that this was the reason why the advertising department of the company came up with the name Oreo. Another legend about the name is that the name for the cookies was taken from the French word for gold, as the first package of the cookies was gold in color. Also, it is interesting to note that the cookies have had a lot of name changes over the years. For instance, when the cookies were first introduced into the market, they were called Oreo Biscuits; they were then called Oreo Sandwich in the year 1912; Oreo Cream Sandwich in the year 1948; and finally the cookie had one more name change, which was to be the final change, and that was Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. This change took place in the year 1975.

Initially when the cookies came out, they were larger in size compared to what they are today. However, the size of the cookies has changed so much over the years that is quite possible that some time in the future it will change again. Furthermore, there is a stamp of the cookie's name on the biscuit and it also has a four leaf clover designed embossed on it. Along with the change in size, Oreo cookies have also seen a change in pricing. While in the initial few years the cookie was available for just 32 cents for a pound, today consumers have to pay around $4.29 for an 18 ounce package. However, the steady and constant price rise has not deterred Oreo lovers and it is estimated that nearly 12 billion of these cookies are consumed annually.

Even the original Oreo cookie has undergone a few variations. For instance, lemon filled cookies were introduced in the 1920s followed by Double Stuf in the year 1975 with extra filling compared to the original cookie. There was even a reverse of the original cookie. Basically this was a vanilla cookie covered with chocolate cream instead of being the other way round. This cookie was available till 2007. Today, the original Oreo flavor is still available, but along with that you can get Oreo in number of other flavors too. You can peanut butter Oreo, vanilla Oreo, double crème stuffed Oreo, cookies covered with chocolate fudge and even Oreo cookies with chocolate center. In addition, special edition Oreo cookies are available for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Imagine digging into an orange Oreo for Halloween or red Oreo during Christmas season and pastel colored Oreos during Easter? Now that sounds fun and exciting.

The popularity of Oreo is so high that many people even use the cookies in the making of different desserts. So, the official website has gone one step forward and listed several recipes that make use of these cookies. Most probably the most popular recipe is using crumbled Oreo cookies in ice cream to form a blizzard. But then you can even enjoy these delicious cookies with a glass of milk or on its own.

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