Recipes Using Oreo Cookies  

Oreo cookies can be put to various types of use. It can be great of a desert or a pie or a cake. Most of the desserts using Oreo cookies are very easy to make and they require simple ingredients. During Christmas, you can use these simple recipes to make interesting cakes and cookies and serve them in decorated baskets or give them as gifts. They are perfect for any occasion like parties and birthdays.


Oreo Cookie Pie
The most popular way of making a cookie pie is to use graham crackers for the crust. You can even use Oreo cookies to enrich the flavor of the crust. The cookies can also be made into tortes and ice cream pies. You need to crush several Oreos to make the cookie pie crust. Add one scoop of ice cream. It is best to add the flavor that you like. Vanilla somehow goes best Oreo. You can further put whipped cream and hot chocolate fudge. Crushed Oreo cookies can also be used as a layer for chocolate pudding, whipped topping and cream cheese cakes. To garnish the torte simply sprinkle the crushed Oreo.

Candy Oreo Cookies
Candy coated Oreo cookies make the perfect bite for any occasion. Buy some candies and melt them. Typically most of the candies have instructions on the package to melt them. Follow them and do it in a microwave. Once the candy forms a liquid, dip every cookie in the candy and put it on a butter/wax paper to dry. Be careful, because the melted candy will be hot. So, it is best to make use of a fork to remove the cookies. When the candy is still hot after dipping the cookies, you can sprinkle some nuts or sprinkles to make it look attractive.

Oreo Cupcakes
Cup cakes is everyone’s favorite. You can make delicious cup cakes using Oreo cookies. Use green and yellow icing to make it look interesting. Bake a regular cup cake and use frosting in the above said colors. Top them with Oreo cookies. Different sizes of Oreos are available, such as mini Oreos for example. Create a petal shaped icing around the cup cake and you have a flower shaped Oreo cupcake. You can also get creative by putting them in a flower pot using chocolate sticks.

Oreo Cheesecake
Cheesecake is the easiest to bake, because there are readymade cheese cake mixes available in the supermarkets. All cheese cakes need to be lined with a crust and the common ingredient is graham cracker. You can be more creative and use Oreo cookies instead. They add great flavor to the milky and cheesy taste.

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Recipes Using Oreo Cookies


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Desserts With Oreo Cookies      Oreo is one of the most delicious cookies and kids love them. According to Nabisco, the manufacturer of Oreo cookies, with these cookies you can make more than fifty types of desserts. The most popular way of having these cookies is to dip them in warm milk and have a bite. However, restaurants use Oreo cookies to make various kinds of desserts. Most of the recipes are so simple that they hardly take any time to prepare. The ingredients required are simple and can be found in our own kitchen. More..




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