Which Brand Of Popcorn Pops The Most ?  

Popcorn is an all time favorite snack in the United States. Also, many people are finicky about their taste for popcorn. Different people have different tastes and Americans take their choice of popcorn pretty seriously. If they find the right kind of popcorn that they like, then they will stick to it for the rest of their life. Obviously, you want a brand of popcorn that pops the most and has minimum unpopped kernels.

Some people even enjoy un-popped corn and many prefer the fluffy version of corn. If you buy a brand and find that it does not pop, then it is a waste of time and money. You can read the bag of popcorn and figure out if it is the best brand or not.

There are some factors which affect the way the corn kernels pop. You need to know these factors, so that you can compare different brands and find out which brand of popcorn pops the most. It is normal to find some brands of popcorn pop better than some other brands. The kernels need 13 percent moisture content for them to pop. It is the ideal percentage and also makes big corns.

If the popcorn has been in storage for a long period of time, the moisture content gets reduced and affects the popping. Always check the manufacture date for a better quality. Test various brands of popcorn. Choose at least five different brands before selecting one. Take a handful of kernel from each bag. Pop each one of them individually and check for quality.

To make best use of the test, choose all the brands that were manufactured around the same date. Also, choose them with similar storage conditions and use the same method to pop them all. To identify the best brand, choose a plain and unflavored kind of popcorn.

You should conclude based on which brand left the most number of un-popped corns and which brand popped the most. The brand which ends up having the least number of unpopped kernels is definitely the best brand. In order to make sure that your choice is correct, you may want to run the test twice. This will allow you to judge the best brand more accurately.

This said, there is no accurate test to prove the best brand, because everyone strives for their popcorn brand to be the best. If there are two brands very close to each other, then repeat the test using these two brands only. Also, be careful when popping and do not make any changes to the method of popping.

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Which Brand Of Popcorn Pops The Most


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