Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Recipes  

Shortage of time or patience for separate spreads of eats and pudding? Then one should try chocolate covered potato chips. This will satisfy the urge to eat salty and sweet food at the same time. The crispy, salty and crunchy potato chips can be covered by sweet and bitter chocolate to make that amazing candy.


When the chips are coated with chocolate one side and left uncoated on the other side, the temptation is too hard to resist.

The easiest recipe for this dish requires twenty minutes preparation time and a further twenty minutes to coat the chips with chocolate. The ingredients required are 24 ounces of finely chopped chocolate or semi sweet chocolate chips and ridged potato chip packet which contains 16 ounces of chips.

Place the chopped chocolate in a microwave safe dish and melt tit by stirring once every minute to prevent it from getting overheated. Prepare a dish for baking by lining it with aluminum foil and keep it aside. Take a basting or pastry brush and dip it in the melted chocolate. Apply a coat on one side of the chip. Place all the brushed chips on the baking tray and let the chocolate set. For setting, one can also keep the tray in the refrigerator. But the time duration should not be long lest the chips become soggy. The chocolate chips can be eaten once the chocolate sets, so that the person can taste the crunchy feel of the chips and sweetness of the chocolate at the same time.

One can try variations from this by using white chocolate as well as and dark chocolate alternately on the chips, sprinkling crushed nuts, sprinkles of coconut or dry fruits on the semi-set chocolate so as to suit the person's taste.

An alternate method of preparing this dish is by using 1 pound of finely chopped milk chocolate of high quality and 8 cups of potato chip ridges. Melt three-fourths of the chocolate using a double boiler or by placing the pan in a bowl of simmering water. Stir the chocolate continuously and remove from heat when all chocolate is melted. Now, mix in the remaining chocolate chips to melt them by stirring. Using tongs pick the potato chips one after the other and dip them in the chocolate and place them on a tray or dish lined with wax paper. Place the tray in the refrigerator, let it cool till the chocolate sets and then serve.

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