How Many Calories In Potato Chips ?  

Today, having a snack is as simple as opening up a bag of potato chips and munching away at them. However, these chips can be fattening because of their additives and fat content. Hence, knowing how many calories are present in potato chips will help a person make healthy food choices.


With the usage of oil for frying, calories are also to be watched for. The caloric content will also depend on the size of the chips. Typically, each slice is 1.75 to 2 g in its size. A standard serving will amount to approximately 16 slices by number and 1 ounce or 28 g by weight. This serving contains 157 calories whose major contributors are fats at 99 and carbohydrates at 60. Proteins constitute a very small part of the nutritional value.

Healthy individuals require approximately 2,000 calories per day. In a single serving, proteins amount to 2 g, which is three percent of the daily requirement. Another nutrient available is potassium at 357 mg which amounts to 14 percent of our daily requirement. Two to six percent of the requirement of nutrients, like magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, phosphorous and selenium are also available. A serving will also provide for eight to ten percent of the daily requirement of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K and Vitamin E.

A pack of salted chips contains approximately 166.3 mg salt and 150 calories. About eight percent of the daily calorific requirement and six percent of salt requirement will be provided by consuming a single ounce of chips.

Healthy individuals can snack on a serving of chips without serious ill-effects. Those with medical conditions or obesity which recommend reduced intake of salt or high calorie foods should restrict intake of chips. Those suffering from high blood pressure or diabetics who are already on a high risk of getting heart attacks, stroke or cardiovascular disorders should keep the consumption of chips to a bare minimum.

A person should choose chips with least hydrogenated fats as too much hydrogenated fats means consuming high amounts of trans fatty acid, which is unhealthy. Fats consumed should constitute approximately twenty to thirty-five percent of calorie required by the body. Other dietary intake should be adjusted with the extent of indulgence in chips, which has high content of fats, in order to balance the intake of calories. This will ensure that you do not put on weight. In case you are unable to balance the intake of calories, then exercising is a must to burn the excess calories.

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