What Are Sodium Levels In Potato And Corn Chips ?  

The fastest way to turn up a snack or side dish for sandwiches and burgers is to open a pack of potato chips. This is not just tasty but with efforts of the manufacturers, healthy as well. In order to store and preserve the taste and flavor of the chips for a long time, they are mixed with certain preservatives and packed in airtight pouches. Potato chips and corn chips are no exceptions. One of the main components in the list of such preservatives is sodium and its salts.


The longer the storage time required, more will be the percentage of sodium used. Salts of sodium are especially used in items which are reconstituted with water like processed meat, soups and bouillon cubes. Some such salts commonly found on labels of packing are sodium nitrate, sodium benzoate, monosodium glutamate, baking soda, sodium and saccharin.

Consumption of chips is more like a habit in most people. This is surely undesirable for those who are on dist restrictions due to other health disorders, or those who are strictly instructed for low salt consumption. Many substitute chips for fruits and vegetables too. They find it easier to snack on chips than shop and consume healthy foods. For an individual with no weight issues and healthy eating habits chips can be a convenient snack occasionally.

Research works have proven that on an average the amount of sodium intake for a healthy person should not cross 2,400 mg per day. A standard pack of chips contains 380 mg of sodium in one ounce of the chips. A person taking more than 3 to 4 helpings will certainly cross the nominal levels.

Corn chips contain approximately 170 mg in a standard pack which amounts to 10 percent of the daily sodium requirement that doctors prescribe for people suffering from diabetes. Sodium increases the blood pressure. Diabetics already suffer a higher risk of stroke, cardiovascular disorders and attacks. They should moderate the sodium intake through chips. Unsalted and plain corn chips contain the least sodium. These chips contain around 10 mg of sodium in a serving.

 In order to store chips for longer time, higher sodium levels are used as preservatives which can cause severe damage to our health in the long run. Hence, a person should always opt for a brand with least sodium levels in order to satisfy the palate and maintain good health as well. The sodium content is highest in the potato chips of barbecue flavor at 213 mg, while it is the least in plain and unsalted potato chips at 2 mg.

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