Kitchen Design For Two Cooks  

         Everybody wants that their kitchen must look very pleasant and provide an efficient work environment. The entire concept of a kitchen has undergone a sea-change in today’s society.

         People now treat a kitchen not only as a place to cook, but also as a place to dine together and socialize.

         Often, friends or relatives visiting the family love to get involved in the cooking process as it provides them with a different kind of bonding and a memorable experience. In such cases, a typical one-man kitchen can really become very congested and can cause a lot of waste of time because one person has to wait until the other one finishes off with his work with the sink, microwave, oven or stove. Especially in the present day world, where both spouses equally participate in cooking and other related activities, the conventional one-man kitchens are no longer suitable. What people need these days is a kitchen so designed that it provides a less cumbersome work area and design.

         A two-cook kitchen must have two separate work stations approximately 36 inches wide or one single work station approximately 60 inches wide. Depending on the available kitchen space or on the budget, we can zero in upon either of the two options.

         If you have decided to go ahead with two work stations, then in that case, you would need to install double sinks in both the work stations or a centrally placed sink to serve both the cooks. Also, 2 separate storage spaces, 2 refrigerators, 2 microwaves or 2 sets of cooking range and a duplicate set of kitchen tools and accessories is required for a two-cook kitchen to maximize its effectiveness and functionality.

Kitchen Design For Two Cooks






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Kitchen Design For Two Cooks )
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