Side Effect Of Too Much Calcium  

Our body for building up and maintaining strong bones and strong teeth requires calcium. The deficiency of calcium in a body leads to its absorption from the bones, making the bones soft and weak. Prolonged condition can lead to osteoporosis or the fracture of bones. Thus, it is beneficial to have enough amounts of calcium intake. However, excess of calcium can have side effects on our body.

A normal adult requires about 1000 mg of calcium. Consuming more than 2500 mg calcium is considered as an overdose, which can lead to toxic consequences.

A few side effects of excess calcium are as follows:

Hypercalcemia – A condition affecting a person due to excess consumption of calcium, it makes a person nauseous, lethargic and causes headache, abdominal pain etc.

Low Blood Pressure – Due to low blood pressure in the body, a person may fall unconscious.
Stomach Problems – Problems in stomach like gas formation, flatulence, constipation, cramps in the abdomen etc. can be seen.

Increase in the demand of Vitamin D – Excess of calcium can increase the demand of the body for Vitamin D as the latter is required for absorbing calcium within the body. This condition is quite harmful for the body.

Kidney Stones – A condition in which the excess calcium gets deposited and forms stones in kidneys, particularly in a pregnant women. Excess calcium also creates problems for the body in the absorption of essential minerals including iron.

Prostate Cancer – More calcium in the body is instrumental in increasing the chances of getting cancer of the prostate.

Depression – Depression along with fatigue and a presence of sharp taste in the mouth are few early warnings signaling excess of calcium within the body.

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Side Effect Of Too Much Calcium





Side-Effects-Of-Calcium-Supplements      Calcium is essential for our body to maintain strong bones and teeth. It also saves the blood from clotting, conducts the impulses in the nerves, stimulates the secretion of hormones, regulates the heartbeats and helps in the many other functions of the body. More..




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Side Effect Of Too Much Calcium )
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