How Many Carbohydrates In An Apple ?  

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – this popular proverb summarizes the nutritional and health benefits of this widely cultivated fruit.

The nourishment that our body can get by eating a single apple is enormous and hence it is an excellent choice for maintaining good health and also consuming a healthy diet. A medium sized apple contains between 14g – 21g of carbohydrates, 85g of water, 2.4g of dietary fiber and also 10g of sugar. 8% of the fruit contains vitamin C that is a vital nutrient of our body.

There are different forms of consuming this fruit apart from the raw form – apple juice, apple concentrate as well as apple sauce. 1 cup of apple juice contains about 28g of carbohydrates on an average whereas 1 cup of apple sauce has more carbohydrates value, about 60g. Dried apples are also quite popular across the world.

Apples contain fructose, which is an instant energy booster. It is also low on glycemic index. In order to control the blood sugar levels and prevent insulin spikes, you need to monitor the carbohydrate contents of the food items.

The glycemic index of foods determines how quickly the carbohydrate is reduced to simple sugars in the bloodstream and also how the glucose levels are raised in the body. The glycemic index can measure anywhere between 1 and 100. Food items with higher glycemic levels need to be avoided for people looking for low carb food items.

The glycemic levels of apple are low, about 38g and hence, it is excellent for maintaining balanced levels of blood sugar.

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How Many Carbohydrates In An Apple




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How Many Carbohydrates In An Apple ? )
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