How To Avoid Gaining Fat Belly ?  

Who does not want to have a flat abdomen? Each one of us for sure would like to have those plain belly which can fit into those wonderful outfits of yours lying dormant in your closet for long. There are two important aspects of having a flat belly -- firstly, things you should know and secondly, things you should avoid.

Coming to the first aspect, you must know that you should be eating foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals along with schedule of daily work out. The second aspect says that you need to avoid certain things to chuck out those ugly looking bulging abs.

Are you eating in restaurants almost everyday? We all know it is difficult to resist. Many of us do not actually have time to cook. But, you have to cut it down to almost zero if you want to have a flat belly. The restaurant food surely tastes good, but it contains the harmful fats, sugar and carbohydrates which increases the calorie intake.

The second important things to avoid are the cola beverages they not only contain sugar and high fructose corn syrup but they have one harmful chemical that is phosphoric acid which disturbs the pH balance. You must also cut off sugar rich fruit or other kinds of drinks. Instead drink herbal tea, freshly blended juices with no sugar and lots of water. Avoid all fried stuffs. They contain only harmful trans and saturated fats which actually spoils our system and do no good.

Stress is one negative factor which can shatter your dreams of having a flat belly. Get into meditation, yoga and other stress releasing techniques, so that your body and mind are in harmony.

If you are consuming alcohol everyday, reduce it to the minimum, may be once in a week that to in limited quantities. Last thing is stop being lazy if it is not done today it can never happen again.

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How To Avoid Gaining Fat Belly





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How To Avoid Gaining Fat Belly ? )
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