Where Do Saturated Fats Come From ?  

Saturated fats normally are the fats that once consumed can increase the cholesterol level in the body. Now cholesterol is nothing, but the waxy compound found in the blood cells of people, who consume a lot of saturated fats. The level of cholesterol can be into two forms LDL and HDL. Both are equally important for the human body. Now saturated fats often increase the level of LDL in the human body and, hence, termed as bad cholesterol.

Now what does saturated fat mean and where does it come from? It actually comes from animal fat, dairy products, processed foods, packaged foods, canned foods, chocolates and other bakery items.

Now, normally dietary cholesterol is found in seafood and meat. It is also found in beef, pork and lamb. Now, there are certain fods that are absolutely cholesterol free like cereals, seeds, nuts and vegetables. Eggs, liver and shrimp do have lot of fat and cholesterol in it. The fats are classifed into saturated, trans fats, unsaturated and poylunsaturated. Food contains all these types of fats and it is advisable to consider and understand about each of fats in detail. Now, out of all these fats unsaturated fats usually are veggies, fruits and cereals. Saturated fats are foods that contain fatty acids enough to create problems related to heart.

Saturated foods are found in both plants as well as animals. They are absolutely in solid form and just do not come in contact with oxygen which is the primary reason for most heart diseases. Milk, cheese, butter, cocoa, kernel oil, animal fat, pork, lamb, beef, dairy chocolates, packaged fried foods, processed food, street food, junk food all consist of saturated fats in good quantities. You have to have a minimum of these everyday, so that the cholesterol level does not trigger off to a great extent. Have a healthy life and eat healthy food.

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Where Do Saturated Fats Come From ?





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Where Do Saturated Fats Come From ? )
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