When High Fiber Diet Does Not Relieve Constipation ?  

Constipation is a very common gastrointestinal disorder in the US, affecting about 4 million people in the country every year. Usually it has been observer that women and those above the age of 65 are the most affected by constipation. However self-treatment and the right choice of food and medicine by the patient is enough to cure constipation.More...

List Of High Fiber Foods

List Of High Fiber Foods

Fiber content in food is significantly important to your wellbeing. Americans usually get about ten grams of fiber per day which is not sufficient. The body usually needs 30 grams - 40 grams of fiber/day for good health.

Listed foods below rich in high fiber generally help you to minimize risk of constipation, high cholesterol, and increased sugar level in blood, hemorrhoids, fatness, and heart disease. The one should have the knowledge of fiber.

Alimentary fibers comprise all the mechanism of aliments, which the abdomen cannot assimilate or absorb. Fibers are defined in two groups: insoluble and soluble fibers.More...


Foods High In Fiber Nutrition

Foods High In Fiber Nutrition

Fiber is the mechanism of plants formed to resist in individuals digestive enzymes as well as resistant starches, insulin and oligosaccharides. Foods loaded with fiber generally consist of carbohydrates: that are hard to digest, not easily absorbed by human body, and bring waste with them while getting out of body.

Intake of fiber helps to reduce appetite; either it is insoluble or soluble fiber. Alone soluble fiber is needed to reduce risk of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Insoluble fibers are helpful to maintain regularity and improve constipation. Food chart rich in high fiber diet chiefly consists of vegetables, nuts, fruits, and cereals.More...


How Much Fiber Is In A Banana ?

How Much Fiber Is In A Banana

Bananas are the most excellent resource of potassium and minerals required to maintain blood pressure and heart functionality. A regular sized banana contains 467 milligram of potassium and one milligram of sodium. Eating one banana everyday keeps individuals away from heart diseases. According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, if people have one banana everyday, it will prevent them from suffering from heart problems and ailments.

The origin of banana is considered to be found in Malaysia around several years before. In around 327 B.C. they reached throughout the Philippines and India. Bananas were commenced in Africa by Arabian merchants in 1482 A.D. Later, it was fetched to the United States for sale in bazaar in the end of the 19th century. Bananas are widely available nearly in the 20th century because of expansion of refrigeration technique and rapid transport. Nowadays, bananas are mostly grown in tropical regions.More...







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