Folic Acid And Alcohol Withdrawal  

Alcohol withdrawal is the result of heavy neuro chemical changes the body of a person goes through after years and years of alcoholic abuse. A prolonged period of continuous dependency on alcohol results in the victim’s body getting accustomed to that situation. Now when there is a sudden stop in the alcohol supply the body experiences difficulties in adjusting to the changes resulting in this syndrome.

There are various signs and symptoms to indicate this stage, ranging from nausea and sweating, anxiety to headaches, hallucinations, tremors and convulsion. Neglecting this disorder can prove fatal too. Thus seeking help from a doctor or a counselor is of utmost importance.

Some alcoholics show deficiency in their vitamin content, probably a result of their unhealthy dietary habits and also from changes induced by excessive intake of alcohol into the digestive system which prevent the flow of necessary nutrients into the blood. Folic acid and thiamine are the two most essential dietary factors in alcohol withdrawal. Deficiency of folic acid may cause some alterations in the patient’s blood cells, including a type of anemia. This is because folic acid helps in the synthesis of the genetic material of the cell and also in maturation of some blood cells. Thus all the patients who are treated for alcoholic withdrawal are, for some weeks, made to take multivitamins orally. These multivitamins were rich in folic acid.

Usually, the patient suffering from alcoholic withdrawal syndrome is lacking a lot of nutrients in his body for which about 100 milligrams of thiamine must be administered either intramuscularly or intravenously, along with 1 milligram of folic acid (four times every day for the first two weeks) and a multivitamin supplement. Thus, it can be safely inferred that the role of folic acid is pivotal in treating this Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome.

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Folic Acid And Alcohol Withdrawal





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Folic Acid And Alcohol Withdrawal )
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