Psychological Effects Of Malnutrition  

Malnutrition is a condition where the body is deprived of all the essential nutrients and minerals it requires. On an everyday basis the body requires several essential vitamins and minerals from which it derives the energy and also depends on them to conduct processes that go on in our living body. If the body is deprived of these minerals and vitamins, then we will have several health problems.

Malnutrition also has psychological effects on people who go through it. Several studies have been conducted on the effects of malnutrition on people and they all reveal that it does cause some personality disorders.

If the malnutrition has been caused due to the lack of food resources in the country because of a bad economy or a war, then it could have a mass psychological effect on people going through it. It was found that children who grow up with malnutrition are obsessed with food and also several become obese later in life. Deprivation causes excess affiliation to food. Most of the time people do not eat a healthy diet and due to that tit leads to malnutrition. Also, it was noticed that people who suffer from malnutrition suffer from severe lethargy. They hardly have the energy to do anything. It also affects their ethical behavior, and there is a constant desire for alcohol or smoking in them. They suffer from memory and concentration problems. People who have been victims of malnutrition also have problems with self esteem. Psychologically they suffer from depression and also other associated problems like stress sand anxiety.

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Psychological Effects Of Malnutrition




Signs-Of-Malnutrition-In-Children      Malnutrition is a condition that affects children both mentally and physically. Malnutrition occurs when children do not get enough valuable nutrition as a part of their diet. There are different kinds of malnutrition in the world. Some kinds of malnutrition are caused due to severe poverty and bad living condition in the country. Other types are caused due to war and other socio economic reasons. More..




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Psychological Effects Of Malnutrition )
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