Subway Nutrition Facts  

People often look at Subway sandwiches as a healthy alternative to fast-food and because most of them are cold cut they guess it is low on calories and also easy to digest. Several celebrities claim that they lost several stones of weight on Subway diets. However, it comes back to the question that is fast food really a healthy alternative to regular home cooked meals. The answer is mostly no because fast food still comes loaded with fats that can be cut down.

Nothing beats the regular home cooked food which is healthy and nutritious. On a Subway menu the one which is loaded with least amount of calories is the Veggie Delight sandwich which has only about 230 calories. This sandwich includes items like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese. However, when it comes to cheese the type of cheese you select also makes a difference. Of all the cheese types you get in the market the American cheese has the lowest amount of calories.

Subway is a healthy option, but not as a part of an everyday diet. But, you can choose a Subway over a McDonald or a KFC any day. However, one has to be careful about choosing the subway sandwich. Usually the BLT sandwich from Subway includes bacon and other types of meat which are loaded with calories. If you stick to a vegetarian or chicken sandwich, the calorie count can be low.

The problem with such menus is that most of the calories easily convert to fat. So, you have to be very careful while choosing your assortments in Subway sandwich. Substitute most of the toppings with vegetables and stick with lean meat to optimize your weight loss results.

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Subway Nutrition Facts




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