Are Protein Drinks Safe Meal Replacement ?  

Protein drinks are very popular and several people believe that they are a great way to lose weight. This is partially true because when a person is on a high protein diet they tend to lose weight faster. However, a high protein meal has its advantages and disadvantages also.

When you go for a protein milk shake or drink it is understood that they are not a complete meal replacement plan and it is still suggested that you have at least one meal a day. No meal replacement protein drinks are designed to completely replace your meals.

The problem with protein shakes is that you can use them temporarily for your weight loss targets. However, after you stop you will have to switch to a consistent diet plan. One cannot have a high protein diet on a prolonged basis as the effects may be harmful. High protein diets cause several long term health problems like kidney stones and also liver dysfunctions. The biggest risk is for the kidneys.

Proteins are more difficult to digest and you need carbohydrates to fuel the burning of protein in your body. Also, when you have a high protein diet you should also have a good exercise plan for using up the excess protein in your body. The kidneys get overworked trying to digest the protein and most of the time they do not completely digest it protein gets left over in your body and turns into problematic substances. They also cause constipation and bloated ness eventually. 

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Are Protein Drinks Safe Meal Replacement




Are-Protein-Powders-Safe      People who do not have the time for exercise pr practicing a healthy nutritious diet always switch to protein diets and drinks so that they can lose weight on the fast track. The proteins diets do help people to lose weigh fast, but once they stop it, they regain the weight faster than they lost it. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of a protein diet. Also, high protein food everyday is not very wise choice as it can cause long term health problems. More..




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Are Protein Drinks Safe Meal Replacement ? )
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