Fact About Protein  

When we consume protein food the body actually breaks down these proteins into amino acids. There are several kinds of amino acids and they are considered to be the building blocks of the body. These amino acids are sometimes naturally available through fruits and vegetables.

Brain development is mainly dependent on amino acids. Protein is essential for the body for various functions like tissue repair, brain cell growth, energy and much more. It also helps to defend the body against various infections, germs and bacteria. Without eating proteins a person will fall sick frequently and also will be prone to infections because the body does not have adequate antibodies.

Proteins can basically be divided into two parts, one is complete proteins and the other is incomplete proteins. The complete proteins have all the amino acids required by the body and the incomplete proteins have a partial amount of amino acids. There are several food types like meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts that can be categorized as complete or incomplete proteins.

Proteins are required to build the cells and maintain their functions in the body. They also are helpful in hormone production, making antibodies and neurotransmitters in the brain. They also produce various beneficial enzymes required by the body. Protein helps to maintain a balance of electrolytes in the body and also in nutrient transport. They can also help muscle contractions and development of muscles. Protein is a great source of energy and is very important for the over all function of the body on a daily basis.

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Fact About Protein




Good-Sources-Of-Protein      There are several types of food that are rich in protein. Protein forms an essential part of a balanced diet and it is required by the body to function properly on a daily basis. Protein has several important functions in the body and they are the building blocks of the body. They produce several amino acids that are required by the body for its functions. Every human being needs a minimum of 56 grams of protein everyday so that they can remain healthy. More..




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