High Protein Foods Chart  

Protein is essential for the body as they help in maintaining overall health and also build muscle in the body. A good diet of protein food mixed with a balanced diet that is complete with vitamins and minerals is an ideal way of eating healthy. Protein foods also help in losing weight, and they convert the fat into muscle. They can be compared to the bricks used while building. So, when you are trying to build muscle in your body through exercise then a high protein diet could be beneficial.

The metabolism also becomes faster when you have high protein foods along with your workouts. There are several food items that have very high levels of protein. Red meat has the highest amount of protein and can be compared only to eggs.

Here is a list of items you can consider for high protein diets.

Good animal protein sources are chicken breast, ostrich, roasted lean beef, cod, venison and peeled shrimps. Good sources of plant proteins are soy beans, lentils, red kidney beans, baked potatoes, tofu and pasta. Besides these, you can also get proteins from eggs, other poultry meats, beef, pork and fish.

There are several more food items that are high in protein and you can refer eh food chart which will give you comprehensive list of proteins in the food item that you are eating. However, along with protein you should also make sure that you are having enough fiber to substitute your meal plans.

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High Protein Foods Chart




Highest-Protein-Content-Food      Proteins are extremely important for proper functioning of the body. These vital nutrients are made up of amino acids, which help in building muscles, repairing damaged muscles, building and repairing bones, being a source of energy for the body and also building the cells of the body which are damaged or aged. In addition, proteins are extremely important various other metabolic functions that take place in the body. More..




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High Protein Foods Chart )
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