Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms  

Vitamin A is an essential ingredient of our healthy body. It is a nutrient having both plant and animal sources, responsible for most of the important functions in our body. Functions include assisting in cell growth and division which is the main reason behind our growth and development as a whole, developing and strengthening of our bones, good vision among others. So, needless to say that each and every person, right from his birth should include Vitamin A in his diet.

There is a recommended dosage of this Vitamin A which should be followed strictly. This is because either exceeding or not meeting with the standard dosage can show adverse effects of our health. If there is a deficit of Vitamin A in our body, a host of abnormalities like fatigue and weakness, loss of appetite, ill-development of gums and teeth may occur. Also, lack of Vitamin A in our body causes various skin disorders like acne, pimple, boils, early wrinkles, etc. Hair loss and nail breakage are also associated with Vitamin A deficiency.

Insufficient amount of Vitamin A is also known to affect the areas of human body like the mucous membrane of the throat, nose and mouth, lungs and the bronchial tubes along with the intestinal tracts, vagina and the kidneys. Absence of Vitamin A eventually stops the secretion of mucus from the mucous membranes, resulting in drying up of the zones. All these are very essential parts of our body and under nourishment of any of them may lead to trouble.

Vitamin A deficiency in children causes stunted growth and malnutrition in them. Apart from hair loss, it also causes excessive dryness and dandruff in the hair in both children and the adults. Even the taste buds lose their functionality with continued deficit in Vitamin A.

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Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms





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Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms )
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