What Vitamin C Does ?  

Vitamin C, which is basically a water soluble vitamin, is considered to be one of the highly required nutrients by the body. It is also called ascorbic acid. It performs various functions within the human body.

Given below is a list that explains the detailed functions of Vitamin C and gives a clear idea about What Vitamin C Does ?:

  • It is an antioxidant and, thus, helps protect the human body from free moving radicals that may be responsible for cancer and heart diseases. So, as a whole it prevents the body from such dangerous diseases.
  • It then produces collagen which is found in bones and muscles. Collagen is considered to be responsible towards holding different cells of the body together.
  • Vitamin C also helps the immune system and helps in healing scrapes & bruises.
  • This nutrient also ensures that the gums remain healthy. Lack of Vitamin C may result in a disease called scurvy where the gums turn black and swollen.
  • Vitamin C is considered to be very important for the body protection and it becomes even more beneficial for the vegetarians.

Thus, looking at the above mentioned benefits that Vitamin C provides, it becomes clear that this nutrient is highly essential to be taken in or order to stay healthy and maintain the proper functioning of the human body. It can be consumed through various food sources such as citrus fruits, whole foods, milk and dairy products, and various other fruits and vegetables.

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What Vitamin C Does ?





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