Difference Between Vitamin D3 And Vitamin D  

There are people who know that they have been recommended consumption of Vitamin D but then when they try and take them with the help of various available sources then they become doubtful about the difference between Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D.

Though they seem to appear from the same family of vitamins, they have different effects on the human body and, thus, must be treated differently. Body too requires them in different proportions and for different accomplishments.

In order to have a clarity about the differences between Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D, it is advisable that people first try and understand their effects, their functions and the recommended dosages that one needs to consume along with all other differences. One of the basic differences between these two is the fact that Vitamin D3 is actually a form of Vitamin D and, thus, can be treated as a child nutrient of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has two forms, namely Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D can be consumed through various sources including the vegetarian stuff, while Vitamin D3 is mostly consumed by the animal products. One major difference is that Vitamin D is produced by plants as well as animals while Vitamin D3 is specifically found on animal skins and is manufactured as a by-product of such synthesis. Vitamin D is not useful in every form, while Vitamin D3 is beneficial in any possible form. Vitamin D can be taken through pills or fortified foods, while Vitamin D3 is available only in the forms of liquids or pills.

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Difference Between Vitamin D3 And Vitamin D





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Difference Between Vitamin D3 And Vitamin D )
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