Recipe For Easter Cakes  

The season of chocolate Easter cake comes with the springs. Recipes of Easter cakes cover major parts of newspapers and magazines.

Demand of Easter cakes exponentially rises and bakeries are constantly busy during this season to churn out large quantities of the cake.Basically, Easter cakes come from Eastern Europe, where the cakes are also known as Babka. This means a little old woman.

With its wonderful taste, Easter cake is also popular for its different symbolic shapes. In Italy, it takes the shape of bunny rabbit, whereas in other countries it becomes a lamb. Easter bunny cake, Easter lamb cake, Floral raspberry cake, Easter bonnet cake, daffodil Easter cake and Easter coconut almond cake are some of the frequently demanded Easter cakes during the festive season recipes.

Easter cakes can also be prepared at home. In fact, various methods are used for this. One of the methods to make Easter cake is as follows:

A layer of oil and flour is made in the pan. Sugar and almond paste is mixed properly. Butter is added to the mixture and again it is beaten. Eggs are added one by one. This process is followed by mixing coconut extract for 3-5 minutes.

Flour, baking powder and salt and coconut flakes are mixed together. Coconut extract is mixed again. Then the above mixture of sugar, almond paste, butter and eggs are added to the flour. This is then mixed to a smooth batter. The batter is baked at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for around 45 to 48 minutes. After baking, the cake is left to cool down for around 10 minutes. And then, you and your family can enjoy the delicious Easter cake made at home.

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Recipe For Easter Cakes




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