Can You Cook Hot Dogs In A Crock Pot ?  

Hot dogs are a truly American food that is enjoyed throughout the country. It is estimated that an average American consumes around sixty hot dogs a year and most of them are eaten during summers. While hot dogs are usually grilled in the backyard, you can even cook them in a crock pot. So, this should answer your question whether you can cook hot dogs in a crock pot.


You can cook several hot dogs in a crock pot, but the aim should be not to add too many. Ensure that there is some space in between the hot dogs, so that heat can circulate the hot dogs get cooked evenly. Then place the lid of the crock pot, but ensure that you do not add water into the pot.

Turn the heat to high and allow the hot dogs to cook for around an hour or two. Basically, your cooking time should be such that when you remove the hot dogs from the crock pot, they come out looking brown with a nice and crisp outside and juicy and succulent inside. However, ensure that you do not keep removing the lid of the crock pot to check on the hot dogs. If you do this, the heat will escape and you will have to keep cooking the hot dogs for a longer period of time.

You can turn the crock pot temperature to low or even put it on hold once the hot dogs are cooked. This will help to keep hot and if you want them crispier, this is the way to do it with the help of a crock pot. Make sure that you remove the hot dogs just before serving, so that you can serve them piping hot.

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