How Long Can Hot Dogs Be Stored ?  

Hot dog is a meal in itself which is easily available, fairly priced, sumptuous and preferred by many as a ready meal. This has made life easier for many, especially students and busy office workers. No doubt every home will have hotdogs lying in the refrigerator. However, like all frozen foods, it is but natural for hotdog lovers to ask how long can hot dogs be stored.


Some of the factors which decide the shelf life include preparation methods used, selling date and the way they are stored. Beyond their sell by date, fresh hot dogs can be kept on shelf for up to a week when it is stored properly.

The expiry date beyond which its consumption will become unsafe depends on the way in which it is prepared and placed for storage.

Freshly packed hot dogs when uncooked and unopened will last for one to two weeks when stored in refrigerators. When the package is opened but uncooked, the package will last for five to seven days in refrigerators. Cooked hot dogs will last in refrigerators for up to two to three days. Frozen hot dogs will last in the freezer for two to three months whether cooked or uncooked.

Unlike many other food items, the date specified on the packaging of hot dogs specifies ‘sell by date’ and not date ‘best before’ or ‘use before’. Even after the date specified, the meal can be consumed without any doubt on its safety. But if they are improperly stored, they will be unsafe for consumption.

Proper food hygiene will avoid the risk of consuming spoiled hot dogs. A person should rely on their knowledge and common sense. Some physical indications to watch out for include appearance of brownish or grayish coloration instead of the red color, turning of the flesh in to a slimy and dull consistency, or presence of sour smell. When frozen for very long, the surface of the hot dogs appears burnt with the presence of whitish colored patches which different from the regular ice formation. Presence of many such patches warrants that the hot dog be disposed and not consumed. The safest rule to follow would be to use the hot dog before the expiry of the eat-by-date.

In order to ensure that the food healthy for consumption, you should follow certain precautions, like storing the unused hot dogs in the refrigerator and just taking out how many you need, place cooked hot dogs in an air-tight container to prevent ingress of moisture and contaminants, and freeze the meal in freeze-tight containers if the food has to be stored for longer time.

A thumb rule for determining the expiry date would be to take note of the earliest expiry date of any of the ingredients used for cooking the hot dog.

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What To Serve With Hot Dogs ?      Hot dogs are one of the most favored foods of many Americans, and slowly this delicious dish is conquering the world. Being cost effective, sumptuous and easily cooked, make it a part of many a meal. It is available in cooked and frozen forms which make preparing dishes easier. The shelf life is also long enough, and when frozen and stored correctly hot dogs can be stored for almost two to three months. Keeping good food hygiene in mind, it is preferable to consume the food stored in refrigerators or freezers before the ‘eat before’ date specified. More..




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