Basic Meatloaf Recipe With Bread Crumbs  

Basic Meatloaf Recipe With Bread Crumbs

                   Meatloaf with bread crumbs a delicious dish, which can even be served at parties. It is made from ground meat, and you can use beef, pork or lamb. If you wish, you can use a combination of meats too.

Here are the two basic recipes to prepare meatloaf with bread crumbs:

Recipe 1:
This recipe requires the following ingredients:

One pound of ground lean meat

One onion

One egg

Half a cup of milk

Half a cup of bread crumbs

Around quarter cup of parsley, choppedMore...


Meatloaf Best Recipe

Meatloaf Best Recipe                   Meatloaf can be prepared in accordance with your taste and preference. So, you can make meatloaf with different ingredients. This recipe is some what different from the traditional meatloaf. It is the best meatloaf recipe in the world. In this recipe, compared to the traditional meatloaf recipe, some ingredients are different. It is some what more expensive than traditional meatloaf recipe, but it tastes much better.More...


Recipe For An Fast Easy Meatloaf

Recipe For An Fast Easy Meatloaf                   A fast and easy meatloaf can be cooked using some of the commonly available ingredients in your kitchen. You can use ground beef or combination of meats like ground beef, ground pork and ground veal. This meatloaf is quite different from the traditional one, but once you have tasted it, you are bound to make it at least once a week.Brown Gravy Meatloaf:
Ingredients for meatloaf: 1 egg1/4 teaspoon of saltMore...





Brown-Gravy-Meatloaf-Recipe      Brown gravy meatloaf is a delicious dish made with ground beef, bread crumbs and egg. If you do not have enough meat, you can increase the quantity of breadcrumbs and still get a delicious dish. Instead of ground beef, you can also use ground turkey, chicken, sausage, pork, or even lamb. More..




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