How To Make Paella ?  

Perhaps the best known dish from Spain is paella. It is a rice dish that has become immensely popular in the US. No longer do you have to go to Spanish friend's home or a restaurant to eat a great paella. You can actually make this delicious dish yourself at home for your family and friends.  


There are quite a few recipes of paella and it can become quite difficult to choose one. So, to help you make an authentic Valencia paella, here are the ingredients and cooking instructions.

You will require the following ingredients to make an authentic paella at home:

One medium sized chicken
One medium sized rabbit
Two medium sized tomatoes, ripe and chopped
165 gm broad green beans
130 gm white Lima beans, large
Three cups Spanish rice
Eight cups chicken broth
Olive oil
One teaspoon red paprika, sweet

Cooking instructions:
Use a paellara and cover the bottom of the pan with olive oil and heat. After the oil get hot, add the chicken and rabbit and a little salt. Fry the meat until it gets slightly brown and then add the Lima beans and the broad green beans. While the vegetables are cooking, push them and the meat to corners of the pan, making an open space in the center of the pan in order to fry the tomatoes. Keep frying the tomatoes until it gets a pasty appearance and then add the paprika. Remember to stir, so that the paprika does not get burned and then add the chicken broth at once.

Allow the meat and vegetables to simmer for around twenty minutes on high flame and then add salt as per your liking. Add the rice and spread it around, so that it is covered completely with the broth. Allow the dish to cook for another twenty minutes to ensure that the rice is cooked. Do not stir the dish after adding the rice.  

Garnish with lemon wedges and the serve the paella in the paellera itself. Let the people serve themselves, or give them wooden spoons to eat directly from the pan.  

As paella is a complete meal by itself, it usually does not require a side dish. However, you can serve with allioli or fresh green salad.

Enjoy this wonderful and delicious authentic Spanish rice with your family and friends. You can be certain that you will be asked to make this over and over again once your family gets a taste of it.

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