What Type Of Rice To Use In Paella ?  

The term paella is derived from the Latin word Patella and this means a flat plate. Rice is the most important ingredient for paella and therefore selection of the right sort of rice is essential. Paella cooks advise using medium-grain rice, as on cooking this rice type becomes chewy and also absorbs more of the liquid as compared to the long grained rice. Many traditional cooks keep some toasted browned rice as the bottommost layer in the pan for cooking. Some of the well-known paella recipes are the Spanish paella, mixed paella and Valencian paella.


US Medium-sized Rice
The two common varieties of medium grained rice used for Paella recipes are the U.S. Arborio rice that gives a creamy or buttery texture, absorbing the flavors and is chewy at the center and the Regular milled rice that cooks within 15 minutes, giving you soft and moist rice grains.

Spanish Rice
A Spanish traditional variety of rice used for making paella is Valencia rice. The rice grains of this rice are rounded in shape, medium sized and absorb the flavors easily. One can also use Calaparra rice and Bomba rice which are rated amongst the best selections for their texture. Bomba is usually thicker and absorbs a lot more liquid than the other rice varieties.

Italian Rice
Italian Arborio rice, Vialone nano or Carnaroli rice varieties commonly known as risotto rice are often considered by paella chefs as a substitute to Spanish rice as these varieties of rice do not become over-moist on absorbing water. Do not wash this rice when using it to prepare paella, as the starch gets washed away and the rice gets creamy on cooking.

Short Grain Rice
One can also use short grained rice for preparing paella. On cooking, the rice grains have a plump, tender and chewy texture with the kernels slightly sticky yet separated from one another. The most popularly used rice type for making any sort of paella is the Granza rice, but this rice is not easily found everywhere. However, you can place an order for this with online food stores.

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