Disadvantages Of Vegetarianism  

         Vegetarians can be described as those who do not include meat and other animal products in their staple diet. There are different varieties of vegetarians including vegan, lacto-vegetarian and lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

         Millions of people around the world are vegetarians who consider it as the best in the world that preserves their health, balances nutrients inside the body, provides strength and improves internal immunity.

         However, there are also various disadvantages of consuming vegetarian diet. Some of those are listed below.

  1. Vegetarian diet is really not sufficient for people who want to build a good body. Bodybuilders primarily require a diet that is rich in proteins, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and other essential elements. A vegetarian diet primarily consists of vegetables and fruits, wherein 90 percent of the constituents are water. Rest is the nutrient portion. In contrast, meat contains a high concentration of protein and dietary fiber. Bodybuilders, who primarily consume vegetarian diet, need to work twice as hard as the ones who consume meat.
  2. One popular misconception that vegetarians have is that meat is not beneficial for health. However, meat has remained the primary source of protein since ages.
  3. A diet lacking in enough protein and carbohydrates can simply lead to anemia and nutrient depletion inside the body. Several nutritionist claim Soya to be an answer for replenishing protein levels in human body. However, Soya is good for health only when it is consumed in moderate amounts.
  4. Bowel irregularities are quite common among vegetarians.
  5. Vegetarian diet is devoid of any fats or cholesterol. However, certain amounts of fat and cholesterol are essential for normal functioning of the body and proper development of nervous system.
Disadvantages Of Vegetarianism






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Disadvantages Of Vegetarianism )
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