Can I Get A Credit Card Past Bankruptcy  

Life after bankruptcy calls for extreme caution regarding money matters. Lots of things concerning your finances are to be taken into consideration to ensure that you do not run into such situation again in the future. One of the most important things to look into is your credit history. As it already gets tarnished by the mention of bankruptcy in it, which will show up for maximum of the next ten years, it is important to restructure it in such a way that the bankruptcy part is ignored in the later dealings you might have to do with the banks. The first step towards this target should be to get hold of a credit card. As you will be hard-strapped for cash post bankruptcy, usually a credit card would bail you out at this point.

Now, you should opt for a pre-approved credit card at this point. Usually a bankrupt person is flooded with credit card offers as the companies know that he needs one urgently. It is important for you to choose wisely, keeping in mind all the schemes and terms and conditions associated with the card. That will make sure that you do not run up to further unnecessary debts due to faulty research of yours. The creditors also know that it will not be possible for you to file for bankruptcy again anytime soon, so they try to modify their schemes and rates of interests to suit their purpose at this point.

Sometimes it proves troublesome for a bankrupt person to get an unsecured credit card to his name. At that time, go for a secured credit card with a reasonable credit limit. This limit is decided by the amount you deposit with the bank while issuing it to yourself. If proper and timely payment is made for the next couple of years, the credit card status can be changed to an unsecured one without much problem.

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Can I Get A Credit Card Past Bankruptcy




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