How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect You ?  

Getting into a bankrupt situation is hard enough for anyone to deal with, let alone the trauma of going through filing for it in the court and then dealing with it after you are declared bankrupt legally. There are so many facets to this situation that it takes a toll on the emotions of the concerned people.

Filing for bankruptcy should be the last decision taken after a thorough consideration of any alternative method to bail you out of the phase. This is because, apart from emotional stress, bankruptcy in your credit history would bring up serious issues in your future dealings with the banks. Thus, you should first discuss out all your possibilities with a good bankruptcy lawyer before taking any stand.

Firstly, you need to understand the whole idea and the laws behind bankruptcy weigh all the consequences practically with the help of your legal advisor. There are two main clauses related to bankruptcy-one is Chapter 7, which lets you liquefy most of your assets to clear off your debts, and the other one is Chapter 13, which gives you an extended period of time to repay back all the loans in installments. So, you need to understand which scheme would be easier for you and likewise, take a decision.

Even though bankruptcy affects in many financial matters for up to ten years after filing it, you can get a house on mortgage within a couple of years of filing it. Moreover, most of the loans or other schemes applied by you post bankruptcy would attract more interest rates from you. Even in the employment front, you are likely to have some trouble. Many employers tend to ask you about your financial history, where the topic of bankruptcy naturally arises, before considering you for a job position. Thus, it is important to have a prior knowledge of all these things related to bankruptcy to help you prepare better for the future.

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How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect You




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