How To Dispute A Bankruptcy On Your Credit Report ?  

Bankruptcy filing allows businesses as well as individuals under too much of a debt and can not really repay them to get the things resolved legally. While some of the types allow the consumers for repaying the debts over a certain time without adding any additional interest or penalties, there are a few that would not provide any such provision.

Since, bankruptcy is bound to stay on the credit history of a person for maximum of 10 years; one can try and remove it if they follow the right instructions. Given below are a few tips that can help people dispute the bankruptcy on their credit reports:

  • One must file a dispute with the credit bureaus in case they have not filed for any kind of bankruptcy for last ten years of time. In case, one has not filed any bankruptcy in this duration then any bankruptcy if appearing on their credit history is absolutely incorrect.
  • Bankruptcy is known to expire after 10 years so in case one has filed for the bankruptcy protection more than ten years ago, they must also file a dispute to get the bankruptcy removed from their history.
  • One should also contact the credit bureaus through letters informing them that the bankruptcy shown on their credit reports is basically erroneous. The letter must be supported with enough valid documents.
  • One can even call these credit bureaus apart from sending the letter. One must act very quickly in such situations and their promptness would really help them get it eliminated form their reports.

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How To Dispute A Bankruptcy On Your Credit Report




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