What Are The Different Forms Of Bankruptcy ?  

Bankruptcy code is further divided or categorized into various chapters or types that are chosen as per the circumstances. Even the interpretations about these chapters for different businesses as well as individuals are also different. Talking of the different forms of bankruptcy, there are three forms that can be filed or checked out by the individuals that includes Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 is the commonest form of bankruptcy as far as individuals are concerned. It is quite often called as liquidation or straight bankruptcy as well just because of the fact that it discharges debts by liquidating all the assets of debtors. Under this Chapter, all the secured as well as unsecured assets are liable to be discharged. Of all the types available, this seems to offer maximum financial relief to the creditors.

The second most commonly used form is Chapter 13 which is called as reorganization as under this form, the court appoints some trustee who is liable for working out some permanent plan that should be acceptable to creditors along with being equally workable for the debtors.

Corporation may file Chapter 7 which involves selling off the assets or the ceasing trading. Business may also use Chapter 11 for reorganizing the debts till the time they are repaid or can even renegotiate the debts. It is advisable to go for an expert opinion before actually filing one. An experienced and qualified lawyer should be consulted by the people before filing a potential bankruptcy.

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What Are The Different Forms Of Bankruptcy




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