Chapter 11 Bankruptcy And Change In Control  

Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code allows reorganization under bankruptcy laws governing the US. It allows business owners in debt to continue with their business while going ahead with reorganization plans and provides debtors with a number of mechanisms to alter control and restructure the business. The debtor may be permitted to cancel or reject contracts. A debtor can also acquire loans and financing on comparatively favorable terms by providing new lenders with priority on business earnings.

Economists often assume ownership or control shifts to debt-holders from the equity holders after bankruptcy or default. This change in control could solve certain contracting problems. However, the bankruptcy scheme in the United States of America prevents just a simplistic change in either control or ownership to debt holders from the equity holders. Some people who study bankruptcy laws suggest that using secured debt contracts by debtors and creditors is a reasonably good solution. Studies have shown that debtors may commit to lender control for Chapter 11 via secured debt contracts. Secured debt contractors however, have the debtor being dependant on external financing if Chapter 11 is implemented. Once bankruptcy and dependence on external financing sets in a Chapter 11 lender and a debtor set up or negotiate a financial agreement which includes certain control rights for the lender. This change in control may give the debtor a new start. This Chapter 11 lender may be the pre-bankruptcy lender. Lender control may be related to outcomes from Chapter 11. Debtors may dispose of assets sooner under Chapter 11 if a controlling lender is present.

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy And Change In Control




Chapter-11-Bankruptcy-Definition      Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a legal process in which, the businesses declare bankruptcy but continue operating, under the direction of trustee appointed by the court. The process is called "reorganization," because, trustee reorganizes the business, to be efficient and able to pay back the creditors of business. The bankruptcy court can exempt business from paying all their debts. More..




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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy And Change In Control )
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