Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Definition  

Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a legal process in which, the businesses declare bankruptcy but continue operating, under the direction of trustee appointed by the court. The process is called "reorganization," because, trustee reorganizes the business, to be efficient and able to pay back the creditors of business. The bankruptcy court can exempt business from paying all their debts.

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy is granted, especially in the case, where value of business is much greater, than total sum of its assets. There will be a lost if the business gets sold or liquidated. Chapter 11 usually allows debtor to continue his normal operations and further restructure his business.

There are several things under this condition - the debtor must develop and then implement a "bankruptcy plan.”. This is a formal blueprint, which outlines the processes, by which he pays back creditors and gets emerged from bankruptcy. A bankruptcy court should approve the plan. Creditors sometimes give objections to this plan. Then a voting is done to approve the proposed plan. Under Chapter 11, the debtor usually remains in control of the assets and usually continues to operate his business normally.

Although some creditors may get partial ownership of the new business, Chapter 11 assigns a trustee as a fiduciary, for creditors. The trustee is then responsible handling the business. Debtors may sometimes attain financing and sell off assets to restructure debts so they can pay back the creditors. Big corporations most generally use Chapter 11 bankruptcy as this Chapter lets debtors restructure their debt without having any debt ceiling. Individuals do not usually file under Chapter 11, they tend to file under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7.

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Definition




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