Chapter 11 Effect On Shareholders  

Usually all the shareholder gets have a tough time in bankruptcy. Then the companies submit plans to bankruptcy court, which then tells them, how creditors should get repaid. Usually creditors are given stock, in the newly reorganized company. On occasions, the former stockholders are sometimes given warrants or sometimes let them retain common stock. It usually depends on the amount of debt the company, which have been bankrupted, have and the level of debt, which the company can support.

The common stock continues to get traded on stock exchange market, till bankruptcy plan gets approved by the creditors of the company. This may take several months, even years. There are times when a Chapter 11 plan is converted to Chapter 7, especially if a creditor believes in getting more money by selling the company's assets. In this case, the company assets are usually worth more than the debts. Remainder of any amount gets paid to the stockholders.

In maximum cases, there is shortage of money, from which, it is paid to the stockholders. One must avoid buying stocks of a bankrupt company, unless that person understands the company's reorganization plan. If someone’s owns a stock of a bankrupt company, the person should try to sell it off as fast as possible, as it could be his last chance to recover something out of it. When a company reorganizes, it generally issues stocks to the previous debt holders or they sell them off as soon as the new common stock starts trading. One can sometimes get this new common stock in a very cheap price.

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Chapter 11 Effect On Shareholders




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Chapter 11 Effect On Shareholders )
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