Bankruptcy Chapter 13 And Child Support Laws  

With the contraction and squeezing of the economy, several well intentioned as well as hard working people, the only possible relief for them that they see lies in the bankruptcy courts. In order to avoid things like paying some of their financial responsibilities such as the child support, many of the people may seek the imagined solution afforded by the Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws. But they do not know that they are wrong considering such options in order to avoid their responsibilities.

Before one files the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they must acquire required information including the facts about how this would impact their debts as well as their child support obligations. In case people see this bankruptcy as an option to avoid their child support responsibilities, then they are looking into the wrong place. Child support is something that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. In case one needs some time for catching up their financial obligation, this bankruptcy might help them but considering it for running away from your child support obligations is not going to help such people anyhow.

During the expiree of the term of the agreement, the remaining unpaid debts get discharged on normal basis and the person does not need to pay them. Though the creditor faces civil suit and might also be fined for any effort towards its collections, but child support and alimony payments must be paid at any cost as ordered by the court during the child support and divorce proceedings.

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Bankruptcy Chapter 13 And Child Support Laws




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Bankruptcy Chapter 13 And Child Support Laws )
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