Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Guidlines  

Debt comes from several different sources that include the home mortgages, car loans, credit cards, and student loans. While debts are essential in making major purchases, they can be really dangerous in case one loses their income sources or take on some more debts that one can actually repay. Bankruptcy is the final solution for dealing with the excessive debts that a person gets under.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is amongst the most common types of bankruptcies that are filed by people. These are available to individuals. It is also referred to as reorganization bankruptcy under the federal law. Filing this bankruptcy allows courts for analyzing the financial circumstances as well as reorganizing the debts. Given below are the guidelines for Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • Only the federal courts can take a call on bankruptcy cases.
  • For filing this bankruptcy, one must file a motion in the federal court and then wait for the processing of the court. Meanwhile, the lenders are free for taking any legal action against the debtor or repossess their property.
  • For filing this bankruptcy protection, one must have a certain kind of a financial situation. One should have a high debt level and should be able to prove their inability of repaying off their debts.
  • Businesses are not eligible for filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is just for private individuals.
  • Filing Chapter 13 can eliminate the debts in a very reasonable amount of time.
  • Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy also places restrictions on their future borrowings.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Guidlines




Chapter-13-Payment-Plan-Calculator      People who are under great amounts of debts try and find out every possible solution for getting out of their debts but when nothing else seems working, the only option that they are left with is bankruptcy. Though bankruptcy helps them get rid of their heavy debts, it also affects their life in various ways. There are several different kinds of bankruptcies. More..




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