Home Loans During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  

If someone is in Chapter 13 and is looking for mortgage, then the person is in trouble. Most of the lending institutions will not be ready to lend any money to the person. Even if the person lies about it, the lending institutions will find when they run a credit check. So, there are no ways that one can hide his situation from them. Still there are some ways possible.

As Chapter 13 involves written plan, by following that plan one may pay off his creditors. One does not have to sell his property to pay the debts. The creditors will not make any attempt to get money from the person outside of the bankruptcy court. If a person already has a home, he can sell it off and provide the down payment for his new home.

If the person does not have a home getting credit is nearly impossible. Then the person can ask his family members and friends to help him to purchase his new home. The only other option left is to find a co signer, who can be a family member, a friend or anyone else. The co-signer helps him to get the creditors and takes the responsibility for the debts.

If a person is in Chapter 13, he is into a long process, which is usually of three to five years. That is the one, which is going to allow that person to apply for loans and further pay back the loans The most important is the process, which will shape a plan, using which one can ensure the creditors that he is again a safe person to extend their credit.

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Home Loans During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy




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