How To Rebuild Credit After Chapter 13 ?  

Rebuilding credits after Chapter 13 bankruptcy follows few procedures. For the most important is paying the bills as early as possible. One should avoid the Finance Companies. Credits from finance companies are not good. It is not only expensive but also having finance companies appearing on someone’s credit reports lowers his FICO credit scores, which ends up making practically everything much more expensive.

One should not have co-signers because if a person put the co-signers credit on the line and then if something goes wrong it, will put both the persons in false position. If co-signers appear on the person’s credit reports, it weakens his position for future lenders. When some new lender sees that the person had a co-signer, they will usually consider it as a greater risk as well.

One should stop minding for the word “no” as most of the creditors will refuse him loan. One should rather be open minded and ask the financers directly of the problems they have. That person should get copies of the credit reports from all of the bureaus. He should make sure that he paid off all the bills and the copies of the required documentations should be kept with him. If the concerned person makes sure that he follows these rules, he can rebuilt his credit rating.

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How To Rebuild Credit After Chapter 13




What-Happens-At-The-End-Of-A-Chapter-13-Bankruptcy      When a person files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court allows the person a maximum time period, usually of 6 to 7 years to pay off their debts. As long as he is paying back the debts, bankruptcy remains open. And, as long as bankruptcy remains open, the person’s credit report will show that he is bankrupt. More..




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