Methods Used To Establish Credit Limits  

        The main purpose of a credit card is to allow people to buy what they want today and then they can pay later.

        However, in order to receive a credit card, the financial institution will first determine your credit worthiness. This worthiness will then determine your credit limits.More...


How Credit Cards Work ?

How Credit Cards Work         The good news is that there are many banks that offer credit cards today. This means that there are a host of cards to choose from and you can get a credit card to suit your needs and credit rating.

So, even if you have bad credit or average credit, you will be able to find a credit card for yourself. No longer are credit cards being given to just people with perfect credit. Although major credit card providers like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express still prefer people with excellent credit, there are other credit cards available for people with different types of credit. More...


Fair Credit Billing Act

Fair Credit Billing Act        The Fair Credit Billing Act is a federal law which was enacted as an amendment to the Truth in Lending Act. The Fair Credit Billing Act ensures that consumers are protected from unfair billing practices.

The Fair Credit Billing Act also provides a mechanism to correct billing errors in credit accounts like credit cards and charge card accounts. This said, many of us at some time or the other have received credit card statements with errors, and we all know that it can be very frustrating to get those errors rectified. You call the credit card company who will direct you to the merchant. More...


How To Get Rid Of Low Credit Limit
How To Get Rid Of Low Credit Limit

          As a credit card holder it is quite obvious that you want to get rid of your low credit limit. The only way to get a higher credit card limit is to follow the terms and conditions laid down either by the credit card company or the bank that issues the credit card.

There are ways and means to get rid of low credit limit and some of them have been highlighted below. More...


Average Credit Limit For Platinum Visa
Average Credit Limit For Platinum Visa        As credit card holders we all aspire to get higher credit card limit immaterial what it takes to that credit limit. A higher credit card limit would allow us to make purchases which otherwise would have been impossible for us to make.

However, to get a higher credit limit we need to first abide by all the terms and conditions set by your credit card company or bank. But do you know the average credit limit for your Platinum Visa? If you do not know then how would you work towards getting a higher credit limit? More...






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