Where Did The National Debt Come From ?  

The total amount of the money that the federal government of the United States of America own is termed as the national debt. It is the yearly budget deficit to the revenue exceeds. If we subtract all of the surpluses by the cumulative deficit, we can easily find out what is the national debt in a current year, even for the last two hundred years and further.

The part of national debt constitutes corporations, states, individuals and other foreign governments. The contributed portion includes Treasury notes and bills, securities and bonds. There is also a holding of debt in intra governmental form in which the Treasury securities kept in the accounts of the federal government. The United States' GDP of trillion dollars is the largest economy of the world. To know about the economy’s national debt, we can see the ratio to its country’s gross domestic product.

The cause behind the national debt is simply the deficit spending of the nations. Therefore, the federal governments spend the funds into seven main categories. The largest spending by the federal government is used for the defense purpose. The American dollar, the currency of the US, has a national debt in trillions as the currency is printed by the Federal Reserve itself. The irony is that the Federal Reserve does not follow any federal rule. It privately owned the Federal Reserve and it can print number of bills as per the wants. Further, the money is used as a loan and interests are accumulated.

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Where Did The National Debt Come From




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