How To Make Money Out Of Your Garage ?  

Did you know that nearly 75 percent of people collect trash and unwanted things in their garage? Be it an old couch or a piano or a wardrobe full of clothes. They just do not know what to do with it. So, they dump it in their garage. Sooner or later their garage becomes full of things that they have collected over the years.

Here is a nice idea that can help you clear your garage and also make you some money. You can always use some extra cash.

Fix a good weekend and make sure that you are completely free that weekend. Do not pick a long weekend where people obviously make their own plans. Pick a weekend when you can expect a lot of people to come if need be. Pull out some tables and chairs and arrange them neatly in an order. Take out everything one by one from your garage and start arranging them on these tables. Pick items that can be used and are in good condition only. If you have an old couch and it has collected a lot of dust, then vacuum it before you put it on display.

Pick out all the things that you do not need, and start setting them up in the garage for a garage sale. Make price tags and put it up on the items. Never mind their original price. Instead look to give nearly 70 percent discounts on the current market price of the time. For example, if you have a small microwave but it is old, then sell it off for $20 to $50.

If you plan a little ahead, you can advertise in the local paper informing people about the garage sale. Make little posters and stick them in grocery store notice boards, post office and around your neighborhood. This way you will get a good turn out of people looking to buy things.

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How To Make Money Out Of Your Garage




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How To Make Money Out Of Your Garage ? )
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